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  1. Looking for information on tractors manufactured by SAME of Italy but sold under the Oliver brand. The attached image is from a Facebook Marketplace ad that I recently saw. As you can see the Oliver emblem is on the front of the tractor above the registration plate. I have seen photos of these tractors painted in Oliver colors (green and white), but this one appears to have been either repainted back to SAME colors, or perhaps never got painted in Oliver colors in the first place? From what I know, these tractors were an attempt by White Farm Equipment (who owned the Oliver Brand by then) to sell tractors in Europe, during the early to mid 1970's. Any information as to what models were involved, how long the program lasted etc. is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  2. Thanks! I wasn't sure if the line in Modena was "flexible" enough to handle the different varieties (they could have been "batch built" too). Also, I ran across this video this morning and pass it along. It has two Fiat tractors (one as an Oliver and one as a White) that were built as "mudder" tractors and have been restored by a collector in Nebraska. http://www.machinevids.com/view/first-4wd-high-crop-do-you-know-what-a-mudder-is-story-on-fiat-built-oliver-1365/xsODy
  3. Another question related to the Fiat - Oliver / White program. Would you have been all manufactured at the primary Fiat tractor plant in Italy? Or did Fiat make the "specialty" variants (narrow for vineyards and hi-crops) at another location? Thanks in advance! Michael Schwiebert Perrysburg Ohio
  4. Awesome stuff, thanks for sharing those images! I'm sure that as the program progressed, and containerized freight became more widespread that this is how they were shipped to the US. I wonder though, if the earliest ones might have predated shipping containers and were crated up instead? Do you mind if I save a copy of those two images? Please let me know & thanks again for your answers! Michael Schwiebert Perrysburg OH
  5. Thanks! The idea of using rims with wood planks sure is interesting. Regarding painting, some recollections have them being primer painted in Italy, coated up with rust preventative (cosmoline) and shipped to the states for final finishing, but I've also heard where they were shipped painted to the US. Either way, I'd think that they would have been done in "batches" during normal production so as not to disrupt the normal build flow as much. As an aside, I've set up a registry for the machines that ended up over here under one of the White Farm brands. I'm hoping to get enough of a sample size, that perhaps some patterns can be determined. However it has been over 40 years since the last tractors were brought over, and with many of them being in "utility" applications, they lived hard lives and are no longer with us. Add to it that many of the Oliver/White/Minneapolis-Moline/Cockshutt Collectors, don't view these machines as worthy of collecting, there's a lot of work ahead to try to figure these things out. Thanks for the response! Michael Schwiebert Perrysburg OH
  6. Thank you so much for the detailed information! I have put up a post in the "Vintage Tractors" section regarding the Fiat tractors that White Farm Equipment brought over here to North America. Any insight/details on this program would be greatly appreciated! Michael Schwiebert Perrysburg OH
  7. Good day, I am looking for information regarding the program where Fiat built tractors for White Farm Equipment starting in the mid 1960's and continuing through the late 1970's. These tractors of various series were sold here in North America under the Oliver, Minneapolis-Moline, Cockshutt & White Brands. Due to the complicated corporate history of White Farm Equipment, it is not known how many tractors were contracted to be built each year and how they were assembled (and which Fiat facilities) put them together for the program. Some things are known however, such as the tractors were made available to the dealers here in North America from a location in Georgia, and that US Brand tires were installed there due to tax/tariff issues. This would lead me to believe that they were shipped from Italy in a "kit" state, but cannot confirm. I have attached a link that shows what each Fiat tractor would equate to as an Oliver, Cockshutt, Minneapolis-Moline, or a White. http://www.importtractorparts.net/equivalents.html Some other questions related to their assembly, would be regarding painting - I suspect that they were shipped in some sort of primer paint, and final painted in Georgia, but cannot confirm that either. [ATTACH]34653[/ATTACH][ATTACH]34654[/ATTACH] I have attached a pair of photos to show what the tractors looked like in Oliver colors. Thanks in advance for any and all replies! Michael Schwiebert Perrysburg OH
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